Sawai Ecotourism Foundation

The Sawai Ecotourism Foundation, Yayasan Sawai Ekowisata, has been officially founded in April 2012 .What started as a small scale initiative of Weda reef and rainforest Resort at Halmahera to protect the display-trees, also named “lek”, of the Wallace’s Standard Wing Bird of Paradise, developed into an area of 700 hectares of protected forest. Within this foundation people from the villages Kobe and Sawai Itepo work together to protect their own sea and land. We have been already quite succesful in stopping shark finning and blast fishing. Further, we see much less people with air-rifles to shoot birds. But, there is still a long way to go.

Rob is proud to be invited in the famous Indonesian talk-show to tell about the Foundation: Kick Andy

Reefs of Weda Bay

Reefs of Weda Bay


Halmahera Bird Paradise

Waterfall in National Park

Waterfall in National Park

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Sea Turtle Conservation Project


Other programs are the planting and protecting of mangroves and managing a Sea Turtle Conservation project.

The second important goal of the foundation is to improve the education of the people, to give them better chances in future. Our Kindergarten, English classes and other educational programs are some of the tools to do this.

Here are our main tasks:


                               EDUCATION PROJECT

    School (2)

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Management of Sawai Ecotourism Foundation:

Founder: Rob Sinke
Director: Linda Mangimbulude
Telephone: +628124433754; +628114304864
Address: Desa Sawai Itepo, Kecamatan Weda Tengah
Kabupaten Halmahera Tengah, Propinsi Maluku Utara, Indonesia