Marine conservation

Conservation of coral reefs and marine environment of Weda Bay

When you jump into the clear waters of Weda Bay it feels like if you opened a treasure box full of jewels. There are few places left in the world with such abundance of marine life and coral reef so healthy, almost intact. Here you can find numerous coral species of various colors, shapes and sizes with great many schools of tropical fish. Without a doubt Weda Bay is one of the top diving destinations in Indonesia comparable to renowned Raja Ampat or Wakatobi. Sandy areas can easily compete with those of famous Lembeh strait attracting muck diving enthusiasts. Rare critters like Mimic octopus, frogfish or even Lembeh sea dragon can be spotted.


Development of mining industry is the biggest threat to the environment in our area. It is estimated that in the next few years the population in Weda area will more than double in size. Industrial waste and sedimentation carried by the rivers to the bay from the local mines can spoil the underwater paradise. It is the highest concern of Sawai Ecotourism Foundation not to let it happen and to protect the reefs for next generations by any means. Another issue we are likely to face in the coming years is overfishing. Therefore one of our top priorities is promotion of sustainable fishery.