Rainforest conservation

Rainforest conservation and protecting their inhabitants

Every morning the jungle fills up with the singing of the legendary Standardwing Bird of Paradise (Semioptera Wallacei), the Ivory Breasted Pitta and the Common Paradise Kingfisher. Later at the day, the Wallace’s Golden Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera croesus) and many other butterflies and  can bee seen here. At least 28 endemic species of birds and countless species of insects have their habitat here. Rainforest conservation is the only way to prevent that many of the endemic species of Halmahera will be extinct in near future. Our Sawai Ecotourism foundation actively protects primary rainforest buy buying forest which has not been damaged yet, but is heavely treathened because it is not protected by law. Until January 2015 will were able to purchase 7.000000 square meters forest. Our main concern is to protect this wonderful eco-system against illegal logging and to prevent trapping and hunting of the birds and other wildlife. Many of the villagers are now active members of the foundation; they teach at the Kindergarten of the foundation, guide tourists while birding or diving, they guard the forest against trapping and hunting, they plant trees, restore mangroves and manage the Sea Turtle Project. Others are trained and got a job at Weda reef and rainforest Resort .

rainforest_weda_halmahera4 halmahera_paradise_bird